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“I Added +$3M to Client Revenue With CRO & UX”

Duration - 50 minutes
Chris Marsh

Chris Marsh

Conversion Optimization, Dash of CX

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Are you struggling to run effective CRO tests, and keep a good pace and a decent win rate?  

You’re not alone – CRO is not simple or easy

Chris has seen first-hand what causes a CRO program to succeed or fail.  

Learn from Chris’ success and mistakes. Get actionable examples and tips that provide long-term CRO success.  

Discover a new way to experiment – a framework that makes life easier, saves time, and reduces risk.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • How I added $3M in revenue for one client with CRO & UX
  • How to design experiments in a quick and simple way, and improve your win rate over time
  • Why 2 CRO programs failed, and how you can avoid this
  • 6 tips you can steal, so your CRO thrives long-term

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