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Aligning Full-Funnel Marketing to CX for Reliable Growth

Duration - 45 minutes

Key Takeaways:

  • Implement closed data loops: Measure the impact of your strategies to understand correlation and causation. This will help improve the customer experience reliably by capturing the voice of the customer through real-time behavior and observation.
  • Align product, sales, and marketing teams: Use the insights gained from customer behavior to align these teams. This will not only improve marketing's effectiveness and revenue but also refine the product itself.
  • Understand your business cycle: Depending on whether you're in a growth or profit phase, your focus may shift. For instance, during a recession, the focus might be on more profitable customers, which would change the marketing, product, and sales strategy.
  • Implement and learn from tests and experiments: Use the insights gained to improve your value proposition and journey roadmap. This will lead to a more integrated product, marketing, and sales team.
  • Develop a digital operating model: Bring everyone together with real-time technology for a single customer view. This will allow for operational enhancements, solving churn points, and ensuring there are no silos. Companies that can't adapt to this model will be less competitive due to slower learning.

Summary of the session

The webinar, hosted by a member of the APAC team at VWO, features David, a seasoned management consultant and corporate strategist. David delves into the importance of customer activation, engagement, resurrection, and retention in business growth. He emphasizes the need for marketing, product, and sales teams to collaborate in resurrecting dormant customers and reducing churn.

David underscores the role of data analytics and automation in identifying areas of optimization, whether it’s conversion, strategy, or execution. He also highlights the importance of real-time understanding of customer needs in content delivery. Using examples like, he illustrates how to keep users engaged and ensure they experience value from the product. The webinar is interactive, encouraging attendee participation.

Webinar Video


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