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PPC Conversions: How to Improve ROI by Focusing on Customer Intent

Duration - 60 minutes
Jeff Loquist

Jeff Loquist

Director of Optimization, SiteTuners

Sanchit Singh

Sanchit Singh

Ex - Paid Marketing Manager, VWO

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Your PPC – from search query to landing page – provides a way to quickly and easily drive traffic to your website. You choose your keywords, write ads, and send your visitors to a page related to the keyword. 

Unfortunately, for many companies, this is where the strategy ends and they end up spending too much money for suboptimal returns. 

With a decade of experience in creating, implementing, and optimizing paid, organic, and overall marketing strategies, Jeff Loquist, Director of Optimization at SiteTuners, is our speaker for the upcoming VWO webinar. 

In this session, he will discuss how focusing on customer intent, and even disqualifying some users can maximize your ROI.

  • The search engine’s true purpose
  • Matching keywords of an ad to a landing page is only half the battle
  • Disqualifying traffic is just as important as qualifying it

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