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Beyond Statistical Significance: Determining Impact Of Experimentation On Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Duration - 40 minutes
Ruben Ugarte

Ruben Ugarte

Data and Decision Strategist, Practico Analytics

Bhavya Sahni

Bhavya Sahni

Ex - SaaS Revenue Professional, VWO

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“Our UX team drove 100 winning experiments over 12 months. We still don’t know its impact on our topline”

“Probably the only time I freeze is when our executive committee questions us on the RoI of experimentation. We do not have a definitive framework to help us prove merit (of our experimentation platform)”

Over the course of generating actionable feedback from our customers, we often encounter a recurring theme – determining the impact of experimentation on Customer Lifetime Value. Exactly how does an experimentation team highlight topline/bottomline impact and look beyond statistical significance?

Join Ruben Ugarte, founder of Practico Analytics & the brains behind the widely acclaimed newsletter Weekly Growth Needle – in a web clinic on 23rd October 2019 Ruben will show you:

  1. How to choose your North Star metric and not fall in the trap of vanity metrics: Often, growth teams have trouble gleaning over the countless vanity metrics and choosing the one that truly represents the North Star – that one metric which embraces itself closest to revenue. Ruben will help us uncover the mental model behind the process.
  2. How to plan data implementations: The fundamentals of what data you should be tracking to get a better picture of how your users engage with your product. Ruben will talk about how to plan data implementations, what tools to use and the key reports that you should be looking at on a regular basis.
  3. How to import your A/B testing data into your existing analytics tools: Learn how to segment revenue reports and plug filters to directly attribute revenue owing to your experimentation wins.

A note about Ruben: Ruben’s articles are widely read by high growth executives at companies like Uber, Samsung, JP Morgan & SAP. He has been an advisor to many a high-growth machinery helping them deliver consistent upward swings in LTV and ARPU by application of data-driven strategic and tactical frameworks.

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