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How to design winning experiments

Duration - 60 minutes
Michel Faas

Michel Faas

Head of Growth, Bammboo

Thierry de Vries

Thierry de Vries

Co-founder & CCO, Bammboo

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To grow is to learn. And to learn is to experiment. But how do you do that effectively?

Growth = learning + optimization
Learning = experimentation + measurement
Optimization = selection x improvement

In this webinar, Thierry and Michel will discuss the structure for setting up experiments, a focussed brainstorming method, and a practical framework for prioritization- the key ingredients of successfully designing a winning experiment. With a focus on B2B universe, in particular marketplaces and SaaS businesses, they will teach how to brainstorm, design, and set up the most meaningful (and sustainable) experiments for growth. 

Key take aways

  • The winning formula for successful experimentation.
  • How to create and manage new experiments.
  • Inspiring experiment examples and best practices that are easily applicable.

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