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From $0 to $200MM in 2 Years: How a Fast-Growing D2C Brand Used CRO to Scale the Business

Duration - 40 minutes
Lucas Kenji

Lucas Kenji

Experimentation & CRO Manager, Shapermint

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As a multidisciplinary field, CRO represents a set of multiple capabilities that can apply to many different areas of a company.

In this webinar, Lucas will share how CRO skills can help a company grow by applying typical processes. He will also share the analysis of different business contexts in a growth environment. Lucas will connect CRO with all major company objectives in different ways:

  • importance of quali-quanti analysis for hiring new tools,
  • the hypothesis test cycle and its importance in project management,
  • A/B test as part of strategic initiatives vs isolated tests,
  • and the maturation of CRO as your company grows.

Key takeaways

  • How CRO capabilities can help your business to grow?
  • Practical examples of CRO projects beyond A/B testing
  • How to connect CRO initiatives with the main company strategies
  • What is CRO maturity in a growing business

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