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From $0 to $200MM in 2 Years: How a Fast-Growing D2C Brand Used CRO to Scale the Business

Duration - 40 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Adopt a global mindset and apply the scientific method to CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) by identifying problems or opportunities, developing hypotheses, and conducting minimal viable tests.
  • Regularly conduct qualitative and quantitative research to understand potential improvements or new opportunities.
  • Prioritize and test your hypotheses through A/B testing, making observations, and drawing conclusions to improve your business strategy.
  • Identify and address specific problems unique to your business. For instance, for an e-commerce business, issues could range from brand trust to product sizing.
  • Encourage idea sharing and prioritization among teams to continually improve and evolve your CRO strategy.

Summary of the session

The webinar, led by experts from VWO and Trafilea, delves into the application of the scientific method to conversion rate optimization (CRO). The speakers discuss the importance of identifying problems, developing hypotheses, and conducting A/B tests. They share their experiences in tackling specific issues, such as brand trust and sizing in e-commerce, and the importance of iterating on winning tests. 

The speaker shares a case study where they improved profit per visitor by refining their offer based on A/B test results. They tested different offers for different products, leading to a 5% increase in profit per visitor due to better profit margins with the new product. This led to the development of a product recommendation feature, which was initially validated through A/B testing and later automated. 

The webinar concludes with a discussion on strategic testing, which connects CRO with the entire business model, making the CRO area more important as it aligns with business goals. The speakers also touch on the challenges of increasing acquisition costs and the benefits of subscription programs in e-commerce. The session ends with a Q&A, where the speakers offer to answer further queries via LinkedIn or through VWO’s marketing team.

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