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Holiday A/B Testing Strategy: How Invesp Generated $37 Million During Holidays

Duration - 60 minutes
Khalid Saleh

Khalid Saleh

CEO, Invesp

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Most eCommerce websites experience an increased influx of visitors during the holiday season. If you’re not running tests during the holiday season you’re missing out. A/B testing during the holiday shopping season is a must. It can help you maximize revenue and gain insights that can be used during high-urgency periods. 
But how do you come up with an end-to-end holiday A/B testing strategy + tactics on how to drum up sales?
Well, this is precisely why you should attend this webinar. Khalid Saleh will show you a battle-tested holiday testing plan that he used to generate over $37 million dollars of revenue. You will walk away from this session knowing all you need to launch a solid holiday A/B testing strategy that guarantees increased conversions on the increased influx of visitors! 

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to identify, fix all the low-hanging fruit items on your website and ensure your site is ready for the holidays
  • Understand the holiday testing strategy that you should have in place before the holidays
  • Learn about the team makeup for spotless A/B testing strategy execution

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