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Front-End Development For A/B Testing: How To Get It Right

Duration - 45 minutes
Jonny Longden

Jonny Longden

Director, Digital Experience, Journey Further

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The right technical support for your A/B testing program requires so much more than just finding someone who knows HTML, CSS, and JS. You will only truly achieve the benefits of experimentation when your development is both efficient and sits correctly within a wider process.

Tune in to listen to Jonny Longden, Director of Digital Experience at Journey Further, to find out how to get the right development support in place and ensure you are getting the most from your A/B testing program.

Key Take Aways

  • Getting it wrong is a huge drain on your time as a CRO.
  • Not all developers are the same. A/B test development is a rare skill
  • The process that unifies A/B testing with production development is where efficient innovation happens

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