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Your First Steps Into Personalization

Duration - 45 minutes
Johann Van Tonder

Johann Van Tonder

COO, AWA Digital

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Many teams struggle with personalization. They may be good at CRO and A/B testing, but lack the specific know-how and frameworks to make a smooth transition.
In this interactive session, Johann will show you a simple but effective framework. Join in LIVE to get hands-on experience with the framework, and leave the session with clear next steps to start building a personalized experience for your customers.
Johann Van Tonder has 15 years of experience in eCommerce CRO, and was an early adopter of VWO in 2010. He runs AWA Digital, a CRO agency based in the UK and South Africa. They specialize in eCommerce and work with brands like Canon, Nike, Toyota, Interflora, and Woolworths.

Key takeaways

  • A simple but effective framework for personalization
  • How to identify audiences to target
  • Get access to swipe files for personalization

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