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Fireside chat with Ton Wesseling and Florentien Winckers

Duration - 60 minutes
Ton Wesseling

Ton Wesseling

Founder, Online Dialogue

Florentien Winckers

Florentien Winckers

Experimentation Consultant, Albert Heijn

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In this webinar, renowned optimization speaker– Ton Wesseling – will be joined by experimentation consultant at Albert Heijn – Florentien Winckers – to discuss the most pressing questions faced by CRO practitioners in 2022.

While Ton is a globally eminent speaker on experimentation, Florentien is currently tasked with establishing the experimentation culture, and training internal teams to run tests at scale at Albert Heijn – Netherlands’ largest retailer. 

The questions will be publicly sourced from our audience of CRO practitioners and leaders, through our social media channels, newsletter, and website. Thereafter, the most pertinent questions will be shortlisted and presented to Ton and Florentien during the webinar. 

Sample questions

  • How will the way we do A/B testing change in the cookieless world?
  • How to build a solid optimization stack?
  • How to run tests when the traffic is low?
  • When should we buy an external A/B testing tool as opposed to building something internally?

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