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Feature rollout- How high performance teams launch features

Duration - 60 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the concept of feature flagging, including the what, who, how, and when. This will help you control feature releases in real-time and improve user experience.
  • Learn from examples of when feature flagging should be considered, especially for product managers. This will help you decide when to use this tool in your own work.
  • Participate in the demo to get hands-on experience with a feature flagging option. This will give you practical knowledge of how to use this tool.
  • Understand the evolution of product building, from the waterfall model to continuous deployment and the agile approach. This will give you a broader perspective on software development.
  • Learn from case studies of disastrous outcomes when proper approaches are not followed, such as the Knight Capital case. This will help you avoid similar mistakes in your own work.

Summary of the session

The webinar featured Sonil and Rohan from VWO, experts in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). They discussed the power and potential of ‘feature flags’ in CRO, emphasizing the benefits of buying a ready-made product over building one from scratch. They highlighted the efficiency and ease of management that comes with purchasing a product that caters to all needs, reducing the burden on developers and product managers. Sonal then demonstrated the VWO platform, explaining how it supports multiple languages and environments, and how it uses API calls for fast, efficient service.

The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of feature rollouts and their benefits.

Webinar Video

Top questions asked by the audience

  • Can you give me an example of how an e-commerce company uses a feature rollout in the organization?

    - by Daniel
    Hi, Daniel. Thank you for that question. Of course. I think, primarily, you want to understand how exactly can we launch those features using you know, the feature role adoption. So it's like stage ro ...llouts that are used. Alright? For example, let's say there's an e-commerce store that has a big sale that they're planning in the coming months. And they wanna try out a situation where maybe to a certain segment of users, they provide free delivery up to, let's say, 2 miles than to a different segment of users. They like to provide delivery at half cost. Okay. But they're also reducing the prices. Of their products to a certain extent there. So whenever there are variable natures involved, right when it comes to dynamic pricing, when it comes to overhead costs, they can play around with these values and accordingly figure out which one works best for their users. So are they more inclined to purchase if there are, lower delivery charges, or are they more inclined to purchase? Maybe if they're they're offering free one-day delivery, or maybe one-day delivery with an extra overhead cost. So that's where these staged rollouts can come into play. I hope that answers your question.
  • Are VWO's feature toggle and feature flags the same thing?

    - by Martha
    Primarily, they are the same thing. So they call feature flags. They are called feature toggles. You can call them either way. And it's based the reason behind that is like, you know, it's like those ...switches that you get at home. They turn the light on and off. So it's that easy. So you're basically either clicking on the on option or the off option like my colleagues have shown that you can easily switch it on and off. That's why it's called the beach at toggling option as well.


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Ajit from VWO: Hello? Okay. So we are live now. Hello, folks. Welcome. My name is Ajit, and I’m your host for today’s session. Today, we have two wonderful speakers ...