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Feature rollout- How high performance teams launch features

Duration - 60 minutes
Sonil Luthra

Sonil Luthra

Manager- Product Consultant, VWO

Rohan Shorey

Rohan Shorey

Manager- Product Training, VWO

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  • Is the feature that you recently launched being adopted well?
  • Which of your product features are driving user engagement? Which ones are bringing it down?
  • Does your experimentation platform allow you to run tests on a feature?

If you struggled with the above questions or were unhappy with the answers, know that having total control over your feature releases is critical to creating a great product. Best growth teams are using ‘Feature Rollout’ to accomplish the above. Join us as our experts give a primer on what it is and how to use it.

Key takeaways

  • What is a feature rollout and its importance to a product company?
  • Different use-cases of this capability
  • How a certain popular company uses this capability to create success

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