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Experiment Your Way Out of Recession

Duration - 30 minutes
Anastasia Dvorova

Anastasia Dvorova

Web Analyst, Conversionista!

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What is the first thing that changes during times of recession? Customer behavior.

Customers become more conscious about the resources they have and their expenses.
Businesses, too, adjust their expenses in a manner geared towards surviving the recession. But where do you direct your resources, then?

A priority for businesses is to keep their existing customer base intact and come out of the ‘uncertain times’ as a success story. Here is a point where customers’ and businesses’ needs come across. Building a good customer experience through experimentation can help retain existing customers. Subsequently, it strengthens loyalty to the brand, and you gain valuable insights about your customers to tailor the anticrisis strategy further.

Key Take Aways

  • How experimentation can help your business in high-uncertainty times
  • Learn why CRO is essential for improving your customer's experience
  • Practical examples of A/B testing from different industries

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