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Experiment Your Way Out of Recession

Duration - 30 minutes

Key Take Aways

  • Understand the impact of small vs. large changes: When conducting conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing, it's important to understand that small changes can be harder to measure, while larger changes can yield faster results. The choice between the two depends on the specific goals and needs of the customer.
  • Tailor your approach based on goals: The approach to testing should be tailored based on the customer's goals. If the goal is to change the whole layout of the page, a larger change may be necessary. If the goal is to improve a specific metric, smaller, targeted changes may be more appropriate.
  • Be open to experimentation: Regardless of the size of the change, be open to experimentation. This can provide valuable insights and help improve various metrics.
  • Reach out for help when needed: If you need to expand your experimentation capabilities, don't hesitate to reach out to experts or use tools that can help.
  • Continue learning and adapting: Attend webinars and other educational events to keep learning about CRO and other relevant topics. This will help you stay updated and adapt your strategies as needed.

Summary of the session

The webinar, led by Divyansh from VWO and Anastasia from Conversionista, focused on how businesses can leverage recessions for growth. Anastasia emphasized the importance of not cutting back on marketing and growth activities during uncertain times, as this can lead to a loss in market share. She highlighted the value of data and insights gained from experimentation programs, which allow businesses to understand their real users and their behavior.

Anastasia explained that these insights can help tailor strategies, mitigate risks, support decision-making, and predict changes in user behavior. She also discussed the risks of relying solely on creative ideas for website improvements, which may not be based on data or user needs. Instead, she advocated for a data-driven approach, using Convergent’s Optimization Wheel, which involves creating and prioritizing hypotheses based on data, running experiments, and collecting more data and insights.

This approach, she argued, can help businesses focus on positive changes and eliminate negative ones. The webinar concluded with a Q&A session, where Anastasia addressed questions about CRO testing.

Webinar Video

Webinar Deck

Top questions asked by the audience

  • When you're testing or doing CRO testing, do you tend to go for small incremental changes and test kind of each little change, or would you ever do a kind of big bang change where you change your whole page? And then see how that did compare to your original, or does it kind of depend on what you're looking to test?

    - by Ryan
    Yeah, of course, it depends. And, you should just understand that small changes, it's, very hard to, detect any changes when you do, like, the teeny tiny, change. And, with a big change, of course, yo ...u will yeah, you will get, faster the result in, like, for example, commercial rate on, in other metrics that you predefined. And, it will depend on the customer and, their program and their desirable goal, what they want to achieve if they want to change the whole layout of the page, or they want to, make some improvements and tackle that particular issue with, particular metric.


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