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E-commerce Challenges You Can Solve with Testing

Duration - 45 minutes
Akshay Saxena

Akshay Saxena

Regional Business Manager - APAC, VWO

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Through the pandemic, e-commerce grew at an unprecedented rate; sales worldwide are expected to cross USD 6 trillion by 2024, cementing its place as a top revenue-generating sector. While companies across different geographies compete in this tough market, there are some challenges that persist regardless of their scale. 

In this webinar, Akshay Saxena, VWO’s resident expert on e-commerce, will cover how testing can help solve some of those challenges and demonstrate the same by walking you through a few experiments.  

Topics covered:

  • Lessons from a cart abandonment study we conducted on 300 million+ shoppers
  • Breakdown of top e-commerce challenges across different stages of the website funnel
  • Identifying what to test, how to test and how it ties back to solving a conversion problem

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