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Duration - 60 minutes
Maurice Beerthuyzen

Maurice Beerthuyzen

Director, Marketing & Sales, ClickValue

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In many companies, Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) is still the responsibility of a CRO specialist or a small team. This method often builds walls between the various processes that give value only when thoroughly integrated. 

Real growth comes from research and validation. It is propelled when CXO activities are not randomly scattered – rather, every proposed change is validated through the lens of CXO. It accelerates when teams come together and work in a unified approach

We often talk about a Culture of Experimentation as the holy grail that can only be claimed by the Bookings and Netflixes of this world. But let’s not focus just on the ‘end game’. The road to getting there is much more interesting. In this journey, you transform into an organization that increasingly focuses on the intention of the visitor.

In this webinar, Maurice Beerthuyzen of ClickValue will talk about this transformational journey and give you a number of practical tips for setting your organization in the right CXO direction.

Key Takeaways

  • How to smartly scale up the number of CRO employees without immediately hiring a lot of new people.
  • How to ensure that CRO makes a real impact across your company.
  • How you can change from a CRO specialist into a ‘VIB’ (Validator of Insights and Beliefs) by sharing, securing and obtaining knowledge within the entire organization.

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