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Duration - 60 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Expand CX to product or service teams: Customer experience (CX) should be integrated into teams where business decisions are made and products are developed. These teams need validation and research to improve their digital products.
  • Establish a center of excellence: As your CX grows, it's crucial to establish a center of excellence to ensure unity and quality in your testing approach.
  • Encourage a democratic process: The experimentation work should not be confined to the agency side. It's important to hand over the necessary skills and get people on the journey from being a beginner to becoming proficient.
  • Understand it's a long journey: Transitioning to a customer experience focus is not a quick process. It's a long journey that should become a priority.
  • Role of the original conversion rate optimization specialist: The role of the original specialist can vary depending on their background and interests. They could focus on analytics, design, or project management, depending on where their skills and passions lie.

Summary of the session

The webinar, hosted by Jan Marks from VWO, features Maurice Beerthuyzen from Click Value, an expert in digital optimization. Maurice discusses the transition from Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to Customer Experience Optimization (CXO), emphasizing the need for CXO in product development and business decision-making teams.

He highlights the importance of validating and researching changes before implementation, as many ideas do not have the expected positive impact. Maurice also discusses the challenges faced by companies in integrating CXO, particularly those with large backlogs of ideas and those resistant to change. Jan, experienced in CRO and CXO, agrees with Maurice’s points and adds that the journey from CRO to CXO is a long one, requiring specialist skills initially.

Webinar Video

Top questions asked by the audience

  • If you start as a conversion rate optimization specialist and eventually move on to a team with different roads, what is or what should be the role of the original conversion rate optimization specialist?

    - by Stephen
    Yeah. But it depends because, where, yeah, where is your house, where you are when you're starting as a CXO specialist, you have some background in analytics, maybe design, maybe you are a great proje ...ct manager. And I would say, where is your heart? So personally, I also ran some projects in the past, totally on myself, but for me, I'm more like a project manager. So I really like when I'm in the team, I really like to lead the project. But there are others who are both product managers, designers, or really good analysts. And, you see in a lot of roles that the data analyst is often around who starts using experiments to get more insights. So it really depends on how you would like to fulfill your role. It's not worse that, in the team, you are the analyst and someone else is taking the program management role. So, I would say, do what your heart desires, do what you think is good for yourself. And, yeah, for looking at Click Value, we are always very happy with web analysts, for instance, because there's always a shortage of them. So, yeah, every role in a team is important. You can't do without UX design. You can't do without program management. You need development.


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