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Winning in Inflation with Bundles: CRO Tactics for D2C Brands

Duration - 40 minutes
Piyush Jain

Piyush Jain

Founder & CEO, Loop

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With fears of inflation setting in, things aren’t looking very optimistic for D2C eCommerce.

So, how do D2C companies ensure that their conversion rates don’t take a hit during times of inflation? An overlooked CRO tactic by D2C is selling bundles and their subscriptions.

Bundles can help generate a higher AOV as compared to one-time purchases.

Loop makes it very easy for D2C brands to start selling bundle subscriptions on Shopify. D2C brands can easily set up build-a-box subscription functionality on their store and sell it separately from the regular product page.

With VWO, brands can A/B test different layouts of the bundle setup on their online store. Through heatmaps and recordings, eCommerce specialists at D2C brands can get actionable insights into how visitors are interacting with their bundle offerings.

In this webinar, we discuss how D2C brands can approach shifting their customers from one-time purchases to bundles and how they can increase their AOV with some practical CRO tactics in times of inflation. 

Piyush is the Founder and CEO at Loop. He is a two-time SaaS founder who has been in the eCommerce industry for the last 14 years. Currently, Piyush is building Loop – a next-gen app helping D2C brands boost their subscription revenue on Shopify.

Key Takeaways

  • Maintain conversion rates with higher AOV in times of inflation
  • The right approach to setting up bundles for your Shopify stores
  • Transition your customers from one-time purchases to buying bundles
  • A/B testing techniques for your bundle while managing your inventory

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