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Winning in Inflation with Bundles: CRO Tactics for D2C Brands

Duration - 40 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Use customer behavior data to optimize the bundle selection process. If a particular delivery frequency is popular, make it the default option. Similarly, if certain products are frequently bought together, consider creating a pre-bundled package.
  • Use heatmaps as a validation mechanism to understand customer interactions on the bundle page. This can help identify popular options and optimize the page by removing less popular choices, making decision-making simpler for customers.
  • Offer strong incentives to encourage customers to purchase bundles. This could include free trials, free samples, higher discounts, or free shipping. The idea is to provide value as customers are spending more money on bundles.
  • As your brand grows and starts generating significant revenue, consider transitioning to box subscriptions. This can be a more efficient way to sell multiple products or offer bulk purchases of a single product.
  • Continually refine and expand your bundle offerings as your business scales. This could involve adding more choices or options for customers, or moving towards a bundle plus subscription model.

Summary of the session

In this VWO webinar, Marketing Manager Shilpa introduces Piyush Jain, Founder and CEO of Loop Subscriptions. Piyush provides a detailed discussion on designing product pages for bundles, emphasizing the importance of simplicity and clarity in the customer’s decision-making process. He uses the brand Edge Proof as an example, highlighting their step-by-step process for customers to choose bundle options, from flavor selection to quantity and subscription options.

Piyush also discusses the importance of testing different presentations to see what works best, such as offering options of size and flavors, and clearly outlining the benefits. He suggests starting with displaying multiple products and letting the customer choose, but as the product range increases, a more structured approach may be needed to improve conversion rates.

He also recommends using tools like VWO’s heatmap to track customer clicks and optimize the page accordingly. For instance, if certain flavors receive more clicks, others could be removed to simplify decision-making for customers. Piyush encourages continuous testing and optimization based on customer behavior and preferences. The webinar encourages further questions and interaction from the participants.

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Webinar Deck

Top questions asked by the audience

  • How to promote the gift team bundle? Where on the website can we promote the gift team bundle?

    - by Curran
    Got it. This is a good question. A - It depends entirely on how your product is positioned. B - what time of the year it is? If it is this time of the year, October, November, or December, a lot of pe ...ople are sort of figuring out what gifts to give, etc. At this point in time, there are high chances that whatever bundle you have can get promoted on the homepage, hero images, etc., or the homepage sliders. If not the slider, then the first scroll right below the homepage banner. That could be a good way to sort of start doing it. Another thing that can happen is whenever people are buying an individual product, let's say for a bundle consisting of 3 or 4 products, then on all of those 3 or 4 products, there should be communication or information about upgrading that individual product to the bundle with the gift messaging. Most of the traffic would, however, come from, let's say, the homepage that, you know, ‘This season gift your favorite brand’, or ‘Why don't you gift this to your friends and families?’ Right? So this is soft communication which works really well in the season. And, if the brand is gift-centric, then for the entire year, there could just be a section which can be created, a collection which can be created, which just says figure out gifts or, you know, a gift, that there can just be a page or a collection of gifts. And there, you can just list all of the different bundles, which are, with values. Right? So let's say from type 1 can be price. 2nd can be for customers. So for, let's say, for babies, for married couples, like, whatever it is, different types of audiences with the gifts as relevant for these 2 things can be done on that collections page. And these are the 2 very standard ones that, you know, that we've seen. if you have a follow-up question, please put in the comment, and I'll take that.
  • When will this be available to customize this by ourselves? If there is any release date for that or we want to, of course, try out all of these subscription, awesome functions.

    - by Max
    Got it. So, all of these things are so once again, because this is highly customizable the way this is happening. So our out-of-box solution does provide, box subscriptions, which can be, you know, wh ...ere the customers can select from multiple products. But customizing it in terms of scripts or customizing it in terms of, you know, all of these different layouts that we've seen, this does require, a little bit of custom work. And what we're doing right now is, we work with brands, and we do all of these changes. We're trying to figure out the best way in which all of these can be given to the brands to make all of these CSS and HTML changes. My sense is that we should be able to launch quite a few, subscriptions, now. And we should be looking at, December, January, sort of timeline where all of these capabilities are indirectly taken up by the brands themselves. And, Max, if you have anything specific, just reach out to us. I'm sure you'll have, if you're using the Loop, you'll have our email, and, we can, you know, discuss specifics for you.
  • How are brands migrating to big box stores?

    - by Shilpa
    So, yeah. There are different ways. So whenever brands start crossing a certain figure, let's say when they start moving towards 8 figures revenue, then, it becomes a very real problem. It becomes a r ...eal problem to know that AOVs are increasing from the customers. So the first way in which brands start doing these is by boxes, etc. It would be via just once again as we discussed. Right? Just getting multiple products combined into 1. These can be different products. This can also be a single product. So for example, a case in point, we have one brand that sells supplements. And, what they do is, either the customer can buy independent 1 bottle of vitamin D or they can buy 6 bottles at a price of 4. And once they buy that, then don't have to worry about shipping every month and so on and so forth. Right? Because they've got this monthly bottle which can be stored. So this is the way basically in which brands start with bundles. And once this starts scaling up, then there needs to be a lot of interesting ways, or there needs to be more choices or options that need to be given to the customer. And that's where we sort of come in and we help brands, sort of move on to Loop and, you know, launch bundles and, bundles plus, bundles plus subscription the way we sort of discussed.


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