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Continuous Experimentation: How to build an experimentation capability that helps you test more ideas rapidly

Duration - 60 minutes
Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson

Product Manager Experimentation, Vista

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Experimentation is a crucial capability to master, yet few companies are able to.

Why is this the case?

Kevin Anderson, Product Manager at Vista (and previously ING), has spent years understanding the pain points that keep organizations from experimenting regularly. And he hasn’t stopped there. He has also developed a solution framework to address these issues. 

In this session, Kevin will not only show you why experimentation is important, but also why you need to go beyond Conversion Rate Optimization and embed experimentation in the very culture of the company, something practiced by the leaders like Vista, Booking & Airbnb. 

Continuous Experimentation is a core capability that your organization needs to master. This session is a great primer on how to get started.

Key Take Aways

  • Why you need to go beyond Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Which other parts of the business should experiment
  • What continuous experimentation means for your organization
  • Where you can start today

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