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Closing the Loop on ROI: Paid Marketing + CRO

Duration - 40 minutes
Gary Marx

Gary Marx

Director, CRO, Round Barn Labs

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Gary has run over 10,000 A/B tests over the past decade. He has worked on experimentation programs that have scaled up to 7 million visitors an hour and as low as hundreds of visitors a month. Directing the CRO division at Round Barn Labs, Gary coordinates with the paid marketing team to deliver outsized returns on marketing budgets.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to segment your audiences and increase funnel conversion. Gary will take you through his approach to optimizing your experimentation program quickly and programmatically.

Key takeaways

  • Funnel optimization at each step to quickly boost your key business metrics.
  • A ‘tuneup’ approach to optimize omnichannel experiences for your users while driving insights from your experimentation program.
  • Identify key problem areas which might hamper your experimentation program in the long run.

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