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How SEAT does business experimentation: Lessons for marketers

Duration - 60 minutes
Wouter Sportel

Wouter Sportel

Head of CRO, Accenture

Anouk Donkers

Anouk Donkers

Online Marketing Manager, SEAT

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In this webinar, Wouter Sportel who heads CRO at Accenture, The Netherlands, will do a talk on the subject of business experimentation. He is joined by Anouk Donkers who is responsible for digital marketing at SEAT Netherlands.

Together, both of them are going to break down the why-and-how of business experimentation by sharing examples from SEAT- a global car brand whose CRO for its Dutch digital properties is collectively handled by Wouter and Anouk’s team.

Drawing from their experiences running CRO for SEAT Netherlands, Anouk and Wouter are going to talk about the significance of business experimentations and some of the hypotheses that they tested for SEAT. For instance, experimenting with selling SEAT cars online- a revolutionary idea for the EU market. 

The business experimentation approach helped SEAT Netherlands to make better (evidence based) business decisions and redefine the development roadmap.

Key Take Aways

  • How can you get started with Business Experimentation?
  • Examples from SEAT and the impact.
  • Key challenges and how to overcome them.

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