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How SEAT does business experimentation: Lessons for marketers

Duration - 60 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Stakeholder Engagement: It's crucial to get all stakeholders on board before starting with business experimentation. This includes those who will be directly involved in the test drives, as well as management who may have initiated the idea.
  • Establish a Relevant Process: A well-defined process is key to progress. Start by identifying problems or opportunities, gather insights, and prioritize ideas. Remember, you can't execute all ideas at once, so prioritization is essential.
  • Formulate Hypotheses: Based on the insights gathered, set up your hypotheses for business experimentation. Ensure these hypotheses include the problem or opportunity, the proposed solution, and the key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure results.
  • Start Experimenting and Learning: Begin with a small, interesting use case. Run the experiment, validate the results, gather learnings, and draw conclusions. This will provide valuable insights and evidence of the potential of your experiment.
  • Make Calculations and Decisions: After your first experiment, calculate the potential increase in revenue, leads, or improvements in the customer journey. This will help you understand the worth of the experiment and provide evidence to stakeholders to continue with business experimentation. Ultimately, this will lead to better business decisions.

Summary of the session

The webinar, hosted by a marketing expert, featured Wouter Sportel from Accenture and Anouk Donkers from Skoda, discussing the challenges and opportunities in a cookie-less era. They explored the concept of business experimentation, specifically focusing on personalizing user experiences on websites without relying on cookies.

The speakers used Skoda’s car brochure download feature as a case study, proposing an experiment to email brochures to users instead of direct downloads. This approach aimed to enhance user experience and gather valuable user data for business insights. The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session, encouraging attendees to continue the conversation post-webinar.

Webinar Video


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Siddharth from VWO:  Hello, everyone. I’m Siddharth. Welcome to this VWO webinar. I take care of marketing for VWO. And I’m really excited to welcome you all for this webinar where we have 2 special and brilliant guests, Wouter and Anouk who work at Accenture and ...