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Building Blocks of a Strong Experimentation Process

Duration - 40 minutes
Nils Koppelmann

Nils Koppelmann

Managing Director, Founder, 3tech

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In this upcoming webinar, Nils will discuss the importance of focusing on the process of experimentation rather than simply pursuing the “next best idea”. While generating new ideas is certainly an important aspect of innovation, it is equally important to have a structured and disciplined approach to experimentation to maximise those ideas’ impact.

The process of experimentation involves identifying a specific hypothesis or problem, designing experiments to test that hypothesis or solve that problem, gathering and analyzing data from those experiments, and then using that data to iterate and improve the initial idea. This approach helps to ensure that new ideas are grounded in empirical evidence and are more likely to have a meaningful impact on the business.

During the webinar, we will discuss best practices for designing and conducting experiments, as well as strategies for embedding experimentation into the culture of the organization. We will also explore case studies of companies that have successfully implemented a process-focused approach to experimentation and its impact on their business.

About Nils Koppelmann

Nils founded 3tech GmbH, a company that helps e-commerce, SaaS and marketplaces grow through experimentation and conversion optimization. He has a software engineering and design background and studied Computer Science in Berlin. He focuses on helping mission-driven companies grow online and enables them to make better decisions.

Key takeaways

  • The significance of prioritizing the process of experimentation over chasing the ‘next best idea’.
  • Industry-leading best practices for designing and conducting experiments
  • Real-world case studies of successful implementation of a process-focused approach to experimentation
  • The benefits of adopting a structured and data-driven approach to innovation, including increased agility and superior outcomes

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