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Building a Smarter And Faster Go-To-Market (GTM) Model

Duration - 60 minutes
Hans Bunes

Hans Bunes

B2B Tech Growth Strategist, Bunes & Ferenczi

Zsuzsanna Ferenczi

Zsuzsanna Ferenczi

B2B Tech Growth Strategist, Bunes & Ferenczi

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Most growth managers prefer acquiring new customers over acquiring the right customers. They exhaust their resources by spending a lot of time chasing prospects who don’t fully match their value proposition.

However, Hans and Zsuzsanna who are Partners at Bunes & Ferenczi – bust this popular growth myth everyday that the only way to grow a business is through increased sales and marketing. 

They claim and consistently prove through their work that there is a smarter way to grow than sales-led growth, but it requires businesses to go back to basics and identify the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), using the right formula. 

In this webinar, our guest speakers- Hans and Zsu will shed light on the right method of building ICP and effectively using it to build your GTM strategy. 

Key Takeaways

  • The creation: Re(definition) of Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  • The process: How to get started and which data points you can use.
  • Lessons learned: Common pitfalls in ICP.
  • Ongoing work: Governance and cadence of update.

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