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Forget Culture: Here’s How to Build an Experimentation Ecosystem

Duration - 45 minutes
Manuel da Costa

Manuel da Costa

Founder, Effective Experiments

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For years, CRO specialists have been trying to get greater awareness and engagement for their testing and experimentation efforts but have kept falling short.

The most common complaint from CROs is about lack of engagement. 

From observing the industry closely over the last 10 years, Manuel da Costa (Founder at Effective Experiments) has come up with a potential way forward. 

Dropping the aim of ‘building a culture of experimentation’, which relies on the CRO doing the bulk of the work of evangelizing and promoting experimentation. Instead, viewing this as an organizational change and building an ecosystem for experimentation to thrive in.

In this webinar, you will learn about the industry challenges he has seen and why they happen (and most likely nod your head to). You will learn the key concepts of what goes into building an ecosystem of experimentation, the key ingredients and people needed to make this happen and what impact that change can have on your business.

Key takeways

  • How to build an ecosystem of experimentation
  • Resources required to build the ecosystem

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