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Benchmarking and Scaling Testing in 2024

Duration - 50 minutes
Ben Labay

Ben Labay

Research Director, Speero

Marc Miller

Marc Miller

Manager, Digital Sales Conversion (CRO), Direct Energy

Aastha Trivedi

Aastha Trivedi

Director, Marketing, VWO

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Speero worked with VWO to benchmark 200+ testing programs out there. We’ve reported now on 18 key findings, such as 47% of respondents said that they did NOT have clear program goals, 91% of respondents felt their programs were underfunded, 95% of programs lack an explicit education program, but this was present in the most mature programs.

Join Ben Labay, CEO, Speero alongside Marc Miller, Manager, Digital Sales Conversion (CRO) at Direct Energy to learn more about the key findings from this report, and learn what you can do to scale impact and velocity of your testing program.

Key Takeaways

  • Hear about the key findings across 200+ testing programs, regarding teams, tools, processes, and culture.
  • Find out what top programs are doing to get better impact and velocity.
  • Get the full benchmark report emailed to you before the webinar!

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