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4 Unusual Conversion Copywriting Approaches

Duration - 40 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the problem: Conduct discovery research to understand the confusion, unmet needs, expectations, priorities, objections, distrust, and anxieties of your customers. Observe user behaviors and workarounds for innovative solutions.
  • Quantify the opportunities: Use quantitative research and analytics to understand the extent of the problem and which audiences are affected.
  • Use effective research techniques: Utilize usability testing, user interviews, post-purchase surveys, call center insights, and sales team interviews to gather valuable insights.
  • Balance qualitative and quantitative data: Use a mix of both to build strong problem statements, inspire creative ideation sessions, and develop data-driven hypotheses for tests.
  • Leverage insights for A/B testing: Use the insights gained from research to come up with variations for A/B testing, leading to higher overall success rates.

Summary of the session

The VWO webinar, hosted by Divyansh, featured Eden from Green Light Copy, who shared her unique perspective on copywriting and its impact on conversion rates. Eden discussed a case study where a simple line of microcopy significantly improved the quality of leads generated from a quiz. She also shared an example of a landing page variation with a headline that captured attention and led to a conversion rate of over 21%, a significant increase from the client’s previous rates. 

Eden emphasized the importance of capturing and holding user’s attention, giving them reasons to care about the product or service, and inspiring them to take action. She also suggested not being afraid to reference competing solutions in copy, as it can build trust and show understanding of the user. The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session, allowing attendees to delve deeper into the discussed topics.

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Top questions asked by the audience

  • Can you be creative in the legal industry if the potential leads you're going after are highly professional individuals?

    - by Manvi
    That's a really good question. I'm not sure. Again, in the legal industry, there are a lot of regulations and often that we have to stick to so we can't necessarily be particularly creative with some ...aspects there when we have a lot of regulations. If it's banking, finance, you know, anything that's related to law and legal proceedings as well, We have to be very careful about what we do. One of the things that I like to do when faced with something like this is be creative in using the voice of the customer as much as possible. So trying to pull in the the customer, reach them, and speak to them at their eye-to-eye level. So, for example, pulling in as I meant, just for example, I went to Reddit and I was able to find some interesting voices of customers that they that was able for the able for the target audience to feel like we were speaking to them as an insider or someone who dispersment going through this or so that we were able to make a connection through the words, through the words that we actually used that are specific messages that we chose as a result So I would encourage you if they want to go to Reddit to look to see what information you can pull, what's actually relevant for them to get an understanding of how they speak to each other. what type of words they use, if they what particular jargon they use, if they use jargon, if they're using it regularly, when they're talking amongst themselves, if you use that on the page, gonna feel comfortable with it as well. So see what you can do in terms of tapping into their their own language as much as possible. to reflect that. So it's gonna meet them on the same level. So I'm not saying right for a 4 to 6-grade reading level. That's another copywriting, a typical copywriting hack that people say, changes the grade reading level of the copy. It's not so simple. If you're aiming for professionals, you don't wanna down it down too much. It's gonna start their intelligence if you're feeling this present or the no one I'm talking about. So try and mirror the customer's own language as much as possible to target the audience's own natural language as much as possible, and that's really gonna help. That's where the creative aspect of conversion copyright really comes in.


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