Celebrating Experiment-Driven Marketing

Celebrating Experiment-Driven Marketing

A free online summit by VWO featuring leaders in Conversion Optimization and User Experience Design

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Why Attend?

ConvEx is a free online summit for digital marketers, conversion optimization professionals, and user experience designers across the industries aimed at encouraging experiment-driven marketing and building amazing digital experiences. Learn from the wins and failures of the most experienced conversion optimization experts and user experience designers who have shown growth to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Take your business to the next level. Now is the time to move ahead of making data-informed decisions and embrace ‘customer-informed decision’.

Meet The Speakers

Ronny Kohavi

Ronny Kohavi

Technical Fellow and Corporate Vice President, Analysis & Experimentation, Microsoft
Lukas Vermeer

Lukas Vermeer

Director of Experimentation, Booking.com
Rui Matos

Rui Matos

Global Head of Conversion Optimization, Kaspersky
Chris Goward

Chris Goward

Founder of WiderFunnel & GO Group Digital, WiderFunnel
Brian Massey

Brian Massey

Conversion Scientist, Conversion Sciences
Paras Chopra

Paras Chopra

Founder and Chairman of VWO, VWO
Rebecca Hinton

Rebecca Hinton

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist & Copywriter, HubSpot
Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Founder & CEO, Trinity
Alan Klement

Alan Klement

Partner, Revealed
Chase Richards

Chase Richards

Head of Monetization, Avast
Ben Labay

Ben Labay

Research Director, Speero
Iqbal Ali

Iqbal Ali

Head of Optimization, Trainline
Elizabeth Romanski

Elizabeth Romanski

Manager of Consumer Marketing and Analytics, Encyclopedia Britannica
Martin Greif

Martin Greif

President, SiteTuners
Roger Dooley

Roger Dooley

Author of Friction and Brainfluence, Friction Hunter


Day 1

Performance: Each 0.1 Second Is Worth $18M For Bing

Ronny Kohavi Ronny Kohavi,

Embedding Experimentation In Company Culture

Paras Chopra Paras Chopra,

Value Proposition: The One Thing That Really Matters

Rui Matos Rui Matos,
Day 2

How Booking.com Manages Large Scale Experiments

Lukas Vermeer Lukas Vermeer,

Step Into Your Customers' Shoes With User Research

Brian Massey Brian Massey,
Conversion Sciences

Attract Customers By Speaking To What They Really Value

Alan Klement Alan Klement,
Day 3

Behavioral Science For Better Hypothesis And Insights

Chris Goward Chris Goward,

eCommerce Optimization Using Voice Of Customer Data

Ben Labay Ben Labay,

How HubSpot Used Data To Redesign Its Academy Website

Rebecca Hinton Rebecca Hinton,
Day 4

Building Engaging Onsite Experience At Avast

Chase Richards Chase Richards,

The Science Of Testing At Trainline

Iqbal Ali Iqbal Ali,

10 Examples Of Winning Experiments That Drove Revenue And Performance Gains

Craig Smith Craig Smith,
Day 5

How A 250-Year-Old Company Adapts To The Changing Consumer

Elizabeth Romanski Elizabeth Romanski,
Encyclopedia Britannica

Proving Best Practices By Testing

Martin Greif Martin Greif,

The Frictionless Path To Customer Loyalty And Higher Sales

Roger Dooley Roger Dooley,
Friction Hunter

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40 Booking Com
84 Encyclopedia Britannica
116 Hubspot
270 Widerfunnel
264 Vwo
196 Revealed
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100 Friction Hunter
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