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Get Serious About Experimentation

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Is your company serious about experimentation?


If you want to be serious about experimentation and level up your competitiveness in the marketplace, you better do it well. It would be best if you assume your competitors are doing it well. You should feel more confident in what you can do to get started in experimentation or what you can do to level up your program that’s already running. Don’t feel it’s too hard or too easy. It’s usually somewhere in the middle. 


In this playbook, authored by Haley Carpenter, Founder of Chirpy, we share a step-by-step approach to be a strategic, intentional winner.

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Liang Jian Tan
"We’ve always been very data-driven. Zalora began about four years ago and we have been A/B testing using VWO for three years. As an early stage company, we are heavily focused on new customer acquisition, and using data to optimize the site experience is super important for us."
Liang Jian Tan
Associate Director, Regional Marketing Analytics, Zalora

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