The Ultimate Playbook to Experimentation for SaaS

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SaaS companies experiment to create beautiful user experiences that have a positive impact on key business metrics like customer lifetime value and average revenue per user.


Prospects and customers move through different phases of the purchase journey.


Acquisition > Activation > Monetization > Retention > Upsell > Referral


The objective of experimentation is to improve their experience at each phase. Experimentation has to be fluid and adjusted according to the phase.


This eBook explains the KPIs and experimentation strategy for each stage. It will clarify experimentation methods that cater to specific KPIs and customer journey phases. The eBook also includes case studies of notable SaaS brands that will inspire the right way to create an efficient experimentation program and A/B test what really matters for SaaS businesses.

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Dave Nevogt
VWO was essential in understanding which landing pages and variants were performing and which were not. In our early days, this really helped us understand the types of copy our audience was responding to and helped shape our marketing efforts ever since.
Dave Nevogt
Co-founder & CMO, Hubstaff

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