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Online marketing blueprint to get more customers

Here is a complete blueprint of how to get more customers for your service or product:

  • Get more traffic:
    • Organic Traffic: SEO (for the terms that are relevant to us and are maximally searched)
      • Onsite optimiztion
      • New content
      • Off site optimization (backlinks)
    • Paid Traffic: PPC Adwords campaign
      • Research of keywords so that CTR is high but CPC is low
      • Tracking all metrics (cost to acquire customer, lifetime value, etc.) and tweaking campaigns
      • Scaling campaign once campaign has been tweaked
    • Paid Traffic: Sponsorship / Direct Ads
      • Researching which sites (where prospective customers hang out) can directly accept ads / sponsorship
      • Facebook, LinkedIn or other alternative means of advertising
    • Social Media
      • Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels to generate traffic
  • Generate Buzz
    • Public Relations (get published in newspapers!):
      • Writing and releasing press releases
      • Contacting journalists and pitching it
    • Bloggers (getting reviews written in blogs)
      • Contacting and pitching bloggers
  • Retaining customers
    • Usage Analysis
      • Coming up with a plan to convert users signed up for trial into customers
      • Targeting active / inactive users by doing usage analysis
    • Email marketing
      • Newsletters
    • Retargeting
      • Targeting visitors who show interest
  • Converting visitors into customers
    • Analysis from Google Analytics
    • A/B testing and conversion rate optimization using Visual Website Optimizer
    • Analysis from Clicktale and heatmaps
    • Incorporate qualitative feedback at different visitor touchpoints
  • Competitor Analysis
    • What is working for them?
    • Where are they getting traffic from?
    • How are they generating buzz?

Have I missed any aspect? Please leave a comment below and I will add it.

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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