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Embrace Experiment-led Growth

A free virtual summit for experimentation and growth teams, offering valuable insights and inspiration from the success stories of brands that embrace experimentation.

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Session Recordings


LIVE and interactive workshops for hands-on learning

A/B Tests: Two Important Uncommon Topics: The OEC and Trust

Ronny Kohavi / Consultant, Ex-Microsoft, Airbnb

The workshop will delve into two important topics that are often insufficiently covered in A/B testing guides:

  1. Overall Evaluation Criterion (OEC): What should you be optimizing for? We will review good and flawed examples to enhance your understanding.
  2. Evaluating Trustworthiness of A/B Tests: While online controlled experiments, or A/B tests, are the gold standard in science, we will review essential checks that are required to trust the results.

UX Fundamentals for More Conversions

Karl Gilis / Co-Founder / AGConsult

For over two decades, Karl has honed his expertise in optimizing online businesses and educating others on UX, user research, and conversion optimization. However, he's growing frustrated as business owners, marketers, and designers consistently repeat the same mistakes. Astonishingly, many websites still exhibit the same flaws as two decades ago, despite the wealth of UX knowledge available.

In response, let's delve into 5 crucial UX principles that often elude proper understanding. Astonishingly, despite their proven potential to elevate online success, most online businesses fail to implement them effectively. Karl will also unveil the 2 pivotal questions that can transform your marketing strategy by deeply engaging with your customers.

Get ready for an hour brimming with insights and real-world examples. Expect moments of laughter (Karl's reputation as the UX comedian precedes him), but also, perhaps, a touch of realization that may even prompt a hint of lamentation (when those familiar mistakes come into focus).

Win by Focusing on People With Interest but Not Buying

Rishi Rawat / Founder / Frictionless Commerce

Marketers have interesting ways of categorizing prospective buyers. We use the Forrest Gump way of conversion optimization, where we focus on just two things:

Step 1: Develop a system to target shoppers leaning in with interest.

Step 2: Figuring out what additional information needs to be presented to them to close the sale.

In this workshop, Rishi will show (through practical examples) how we do steps 1 and 2.

Growth Stories

Get inspired by the growth stories of the world's leading brands told by growth experts themselves

How to Guarantee Innovation & Sales Growth Through Experimentation

Rose Jia / Head of Growth Marketing / Amazon Grocery

Discover the secrets to ensuring business growth in any economic situation, be it booming or receding, from Amazon leader, Rose Jia. She will demonstrate the power of shifting your mindset from mere growth to a focus on investment, enabling you to lay the foundations for innovation. By combining this approach with experimentation and optimization, you will undoubtedly drive sales growth. Watch her insightful session as she shares tips, hacks, and real-life case studies on how to foster innovation and achieve remarkable growth through experimentation.

How Experimentation Works at eBay

Benjamin Skrainka / Data Science Manager, Experimentation / eBay

Benjamin provides valuable insights into the maturity model implemented at eBay. This model plays a crucial role in bolstering the experimentation infrastructure, fostering a positive and thriving experimentation culture within the company. In this discussion, he explains how this model has been instrumental in promoting a data-driven approach to experimentation and driving continuous improvement across the organization.

Beyond Basics: Addressing Complex Challenges in Experimentation

And Ozbay / Head of Experimentation Platform & Science / Etsy

In this session, Dr. Ozbay will explore the best practices for navigating the complex landscape of modern online experimentation. He'll address crucial challenges, such as managing simultaneous experiments, extracting insights from complex data, leveraging advanced learning methodologies, and customizing experimentation strategies to meet diverse team requirements. Attendees can expect valuable insights and practical guidance to optimize their experimentation processes effectively.

Building a Center of Excellence for Experimentation

Mithun Yarlagadda / Experimentation & Data Science / Atlassian

Listen to Mithun as he shares his inspiring journey of establishing a comprehensive COE (Center of Excellence) for experimentation. Gain valuable insights as he highlights examples from the successful experimentation programs he led at Atlassian. Moreover, Mithun will shed light on how leadership responsibilities evolve in a scaled-up business environment. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from his experiences and expertise in the world of experimentation.

The Experimentation Secret Sauce: A Multidisciplinary Story

Denise Visse / Product Manager, Experimentation /

Kees Mulder / Experimentation Data Scientist & Statistician /

Firoz Ansari / Software Engineer /

Sander Boumeester / Software Engineer /

The experimentation industry is fascinating because it brings together various disciplines. If you have a broad understanding of different areas (being T-shaped), you can conduct some interesting experiments using standard tools. However, to venture into more thrilling and exceptional territory, you'll require in-depth knowledge across these diverse disciplines.

In this presentation, we have invited experts such as Firoz, Kees, Sander, and Denise to share how their specialized knowledge contributes to the 'experimentation center of excellence.'

Experimentation in the Hospitality Sector

Alexandre Suon Perhirin / Head of Experimentation / Accor

The hospitality industry has faced significant challenges in recent years due to the pandemic. So, how does a global hospitality business, spanning across 110 countries, strategize to restore customer confidence?

Join us for a conversation with Alexandre as he delves into the impact of macro- and micro-economic shifts on the hospitality sector. We also explore the nuances of adapting test hypotheses to different languages and local cultures, shedding light on effective experimentation strategies.

How Cross-Collaboration Has Increased Velocity of Experimentation at Tele2

Maria Luiza de Lange / CRO Lead / Tele2

Maria will take you through an insightful journey into the unique setup of experimentation at Tele2. Drawing from her experience at Electrolux, she highlights the distinctive aspects that set their approach apart. Discover how Tele2 actively involves their customers in the experimentation process, playing a crucial role in enhancing the overall product improvement. Tune in to gain valuable insights into their successful experimentation strategies and customer-centric approach.

Using Neuroscience to Create Engaging User Journeys

Marcello Pasqualucci / Head of Experimentation / Sky

Neuroscience offers a unique lens through which we can decode the intricacies of user behavior, preferences, and emotions. Whether it's leveraging color psychology to evoke specific emotions, utilizing cognitive biases to nudge users toward desired actions, or optimizing user interfaces for ease of comprehension, neuroscience provides a robust toolkit.

This discussion explores Marcello's passion for neuroscience and how he implements its principles in his experimentation program to improve the user experience at Sky.

Product Management and Experimentation

Pius Binder / Product Manager / Canva

Join Pius from Canva as he shares their valuable experience in managing and prioritizing dynamic teams. In his role as a product manager, Pius emphasizes the criticality of a seamless authentication experience and the steps taken to ensure a positive onboarding process that has garnered a loyal following for Canva.

Explore the tactics employed to boost active users through experimentation and discover how a data-informed approach has driven remarkable growth. Lastly, dive into the exciting future of experimentation in product management. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from real-world insights and strategies that have fueled Canva's success.

What is Marketing?

Paras Chopra / Founder & Chairman / VWO

Marketing is ever-changing and continually evolving, making it one of the most dynamic functions in the business world. In this talk, Paras condenses Marketing and its principles, taking inspiration from Seth's seminal work, 'This is Marketing,' and his extensive experience in developing global products.

Designing Customer-Centric Experiments: Insights from Specsavers

Melanie Kyrklund / Global Head of Experimentation / Specsavers

Ever wondered how a 35-year-old eyecare business operating in 10 countries gets a clear view of their customers?

Join us as Melanie, the experimentation expert at Specsavers, shares insights into adopting a customer-first approach when crafting hypotheses for their experimentation initiatives.

Additionally, gain Melanie's perspective on striking the right balance between data-driven decision-making and human intuition in the realm of experimentation.

Weaving Psychographics into Experimentation

Rubén Nesher García Cabo / Head of Experimentation & Behavioral Science / Bitso

Have you ever pondered how thriving brands harness established behaviors that fuel purchase intent and overall growth, all while pursuing numerous other objectives?

In essence, it hinges on grasping the right triggers and seamlessly integrating them into your experimentation strategy. And what better way to comprehend this than by delving into a real-life example.

Ruben will illuminate his journey, demonstrating how experimentation harmoniously intertwines with product development endeavors. Join us to uncover the art of synergy between experimentation and product advancement.

SaaS Marketing: Strategies for the Present and Future Success

Charlie Windschill / Director of Growth Marketing / Ortto

Watch this discussion with Charlie where she talks about all things SaaS marketing and its evolution over recent years.

We cover how experimentation is baked into the larger content strategy, how PLG (product-led growth) principles are put to practice at Ortto, and Charlie’s recommendations on growth channels.

Causal Inference, Experimentation and A/B Testing

Ishan Goel / Associate Director of Data Science / VWO

In modern A/B tests, the goal is to determine whether a website modification truly affects the KPI metric. In this context, Ishan Goel will delve into the wider realm of contemporary experimentation, sharing intriguing anecdotes about the motivations, challenges, and underlying philosophy of conducting experiments. Additionally, Ishan will explore how experiments align with two emerging fields: Generative AI and Causal Inference.

Rapid Experimentation: How Testing Works at Scale

Aditi Gupta / Senior Product Manager, Digital Growth / Thomson Reuters

Are you familiar with the term 'death by details'? It vividly captures the situation where organizations, once they've grown, can find themselves mired in sluggish growth. One key factor is often a complex setup entailing numerous processes, resulting in multiple execution stages.

Amidst this landscape, how can you maintain the agility of experimentation? Aditi elaborates on her philosophy that has empowered global organizations to remain resolute in their pursuit of excellence. Discover her insights into navigating complexity while upholding a dynamic approach to experimentation..

Practical Insights

Upgrade yourself with practical insights from the world of experimentation


Join us LIVE for a valuable learning experience and a chance to interact with fellow experimentation professionals. Each speaker will have 10 minutes on stage to share their unique insights from their CRO journey.

Make Forms Easy for Users

Rommel Raymon Alcobendas / Sr. CRO Strategist / Portent

What to do About Inconclusive Experiments

Tien Thuy Le / Head of Digital Marketing Services / Niteco

Research & Comedy

Viket Benzesin Peres / D2C Customer Journey Manager, Europe / Mars

Conversion Research

Rich Page / Founder / Website Optimizer

Acquisition Loops Cannibalization in B2B

Philipp Wastian / Marketing Specialist Growth / Satispay

Building Dynamic Experiences Step-by-Step

Mason Furr / Associate Director of Performance Marketing / Noble Studios

How do you forge meaningful personalizations in today's digital landscape? Mason from Noble Studios, an award-winning creative digital performance marketing agency, will showcase the role of relevant data in crafting valuable, personally tailored experiences. Amidst rising privacy concerns, dwindling trust, and data fragmentation, Mason will address the challenges of collecting and using information.

In this insightful presentation, Mason will illustrate their methods with two tactical examples of building dynamic user experiences:

  1. Employing first-party cookies,
  2. Utilizing HubSpot to extract data attributes.

Trust, as Mason will reveal, is a critical element in the creation of valuable, personalized interactions. By providing immediate strategies for building and testing this trust, they offer a pathway toward more engaging and memorable user experiences. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of how businesses can foster user trust and craft personalizations that resonate, making the experience not only valuable but also unforgettable.

Lost in Optimization: How We Excel at Websites but Neglect Our Organization

Ruben de Boer / Lead Conversion Manager / Online Dialogue

As CRO specialists, we optimize for our users with precision. But when did you last track how many colleagues read your update emails? Or used your insights in their work?

In this presentation, we dive into this overlooked paradox and offer practical strategies to extend your CRO mindset to your organization. Learn how to drive collaboration, foster a healthy experimentation environment, and realize meaningful change. Don't just optimize your website – transform your team with immediate takeaways from this session.

Ruben is a lead consultant with 14+ years of experience, a following of over 12,500 online students, and winner of two Experimentation Elite awards this year. This session promises real-world insights from the frontlines of optimization.

Uncover High-Impact Testing Ideas: Site Review Strategies

Will Garbutt / Head of UX / Reprise Digital

Amy Renyard / UX Analyst / Reprise Digital

Explore an insightful dialogue delving between Will and Amy from Reprise Digital, into the various factors influencing conversion rates on your website. Learn how to proficiently detect these pivotal issues and seamlessly transform expert recommendations into a comprehensive optimization testing blueprint.

Gain practical strategies to enhance user experience, boost engagement, and elevate your website's performance through effective conversion-focused optimization.

Experimenting with AI: When Bots do CRO

Johann van Tonder / CEO / AWA Digital

Tired of the Generative AI buzz? Beneath the noise, these bots are finding meaningful roles within our community, performing valuable tasks.

From data analysis to persuasive copy, hypothesis crafting to A/B test coding, and report creation to slide deck design, these bots are becoming indispensable.

In this session, we delve deeper than the surface of ChatGPT, exploring real-world examples and the potential ahead. We share insights into common pitfalls, lessons learned the hard way, and practical advice from the frontlines. Join us for a thoughtful exploration of the practical impact of Generative AI.

How to Capture 20% More Sales in Your DTC Business

Gary Marx / CEO & Founder / Coda Lift

Drawing from his extensive experience of running thousands of A/B tests on DTC websites, Gary Marx is here to provide valuable insights. He will delve into practical lessons derived from working with various clients, offering actionable tactics that you can readily implement on your DTC website. These strategies are designed to not only enhance sales by approximately 20% but also attract a larger customer base, propelling your business toward greater success. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Gary's wealth of knowledge and take your website's performance to new heights.

Meet The Speakers

Benjamin Skrainka

Data Science Manager, Experimentation

eBay logo

Rose Jia

Head of Growth Marketing

amazon logo

Mithun Yarlagadda

Experimentation & Data Science

atlassian logo

Denise Visser

Product Manager, Experimentation logo

Alexandre Suon Perhirin

Head of Experimentation

accor logo

Marcello Pasqualucci

Head of Experimentation

sky logo

And Ozbay

Head of Experimentation Platform & Science

etsy logo

Paras Chopra

Founder & Chairman

VWO logo

Maria Luiza de Lange

CRO Lead

tele logo

Pius Binder

Product Manager

canva logo

Melanie Kyrklund

Global Head of Experimentation

specsavers logo

Rubén Nesher García Cabo

Head of Experimentation & Behavioral Science

bitso logo

Aditi Gupta

Senior Product Manager, Digital Growth

thomson reuters logo

Ronny Kohavi

Consultant, Ex-Microsoft, Airbnb

Charlie Windschill

Director of Growth Marketing

ortto logo

Karl Gilis


agconsult logo

Ishan Goel

Associate Director of Data Science

vwo logo

Kees Mulder

Experimentation Data Scientist & Statistician logo

Rishi Rawat


frictionless commerce logo

Amy Renyard

UX Analyst

reprise logo

Firoz Ansari

Software Engineer logo

Sander Boumeester

Software Engineer logo

Gary Marx

CEO & Founder

coda lift logo

Mason Furr

Associate Director of Performance Marketing

noble studios logo

Will Garbutt

Head of UX

reprise logo

Ruben de Boer

Lead Conversion Manager

online dialogue logo

Johann Van Tonder


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