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ConvEx 2022, a virtual conference by VWO

ConvEx 2022

The practice of experimentation has evolved over the past decade. Businesses that adopted experimentation in their marketing strategy have been able to evolve with customer expectations. And hence, been the first choice of their target market.

ConvEx 2022 by VWO is an attempt to encourage more businesses to embrace experiment-driven marketing. We started with this agenda with our first edition of ConvEx in 2019. Over 3500 people stepped forward to seek inspiration from industry leaders like Microsoft, Booking, Encyclopedia Britannica, and more. And we are ready to inspire you again!

Why you should attend?

  • Listen to the most sought-after experimentation experts from some of the top global companies

  • Get an opportunity to interact with the experts and ask your questions to them directly

  • Get hands-on experimentation by participating in interactive workshops delivered by experts with decade of experience helping their clients grow

  • Participate in fun activities and stand a chance to win exciting prizes worth $1,000!

Our Keynote Speakers

Simon Elsworth

Global Head of Experimentation & Digital Analytics / Whirpool

With 20+ years of experience in the industry, Simon has helped enterprise businesses put analytics and experimentation at the very heart of their digital innovation. Currently, at Whirpool, Simon is building a center for excellence for experimentation instilling an experimentation culture at all levels.

Marianne Stjernvall

Head of Customer Growth & Personalization / Coop Sverige

Passionate about creating experimental organizations with a data-driven culture. Driving the work of experimentation and integrating this way of working by combining technical knowledge, social engagement, and finding the solution that is needed to make every problem into a hack that can give an answer to the question.


Managing and Scaling Experimentation Programs at Global Companies

Simon Elsworth / Global Head of Experimentation & Digital Analytics / Whirlpool

What are the challenges associated with setting up experimentation processes at global companies? How do you align teams and keep them free from biases? How do you make sure cultural preferences are part of your hypothesis?

Simon gets candid about his journey in experimentation. Moderated by Johann, COO at AWA Digital, this conversation will inspire you to think like global companies.

Building the Experimentation Engine at Coop

Marianne Stjernvall / Head of Customer Growth & Personalization / Coop Sverige

In this exclusive session, Marianne talks in detail about her experience setting up experimentation programs at a very traditional organization. How it developed from a single CRO consultant to a fully functioning experiment program – and all the steps in between.

With almost 10 years working in CRO and creating structures in-house, Marianne has heard every reason for not wanting to test. In her keynote session, she talks about all these reasons and how to get around them. Can we find a framework that can actually fit most organizations?

VWO has not received the necessary permission(s) from the speaker to share the recording of the full presentation.

The Testing Maturity Model Used at Dandy

Sara Pion / Head of Marketing Strategy / Dandy

Marketers will often run a quick CTA or headline test and call it a day. But when you have a continuous testing habit and start to increase the complexity of your tests, you can unlock insights into your buyer's journey at a scale you would never be able to gather in 1:1 interviews.

In this talk, Sara will run you through the Testing Maturity Model, giving marketing/experimentation teams the playbook on running continuous tests that give you valuable insight into how your buyers want to buy from you. Actionable takeaways will include:

  • Practical steps on how to plan experiments
  • How to set up an experimentation arm without a ton of website traffic
  • Examples of tests you can run at each level of maturity

Experiments, Events, and More: Fireside Chat With Mark Kilens

Mark Kilens / CMO / Airmeet

Catch Mark get candid about his 17+ years of journey in the SaaS industry, serving positions of Director and VP at companies like HubSpot and Drift.

Now the CMO at Airmeet, Mark sits with Jan, Director of Sales at VWO, and talks about his new role, experimentation as a growth strategy, and experimenting with events in the virtual world.

[Workshop] Create a Data-Driven Experimentation Program With Speero's Research Playbook

Emma Travis / Director of Research / Speero

  • Learn Speero’s research playbook for B2B experimentation programs
  • Learn how to turn user research insights into robust test hypotheses through an interactive workshop
  • Get access to all the frameworks and templates to run your own user research

[Workshop] Psychology and Controversy - How to do A/B Testing the Right Way

Oliver Engelbrecht / Head of Marketing / LEAP

  • Introduction by Oliver / Head of Marketing
  • Match testing hypotheses to psychological biases by Katja Kaiser / UX Researcher
  • A/B testing - guessing the winning variant with explanation by Ivan Gluschko / Teamlead CRO
  • Controversies surrounding A/B testing by Ivan Gluschko / Teamlead CRO


Simon Elsworth

Global Head of Experimentation & Digital Analytics / Whirlpool

Marianne Stjernvall

Head of Customer Growth & Personalization / Coop Sverige

Sara Pion

Head of Marketing Strategy / Dandy

Mark Kilens

CMO / Airmeet

Emma Travis

Director of Research / Speero

Oliver Engelbrecht

Head of Marketing / LEAP

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