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Wie Sie die Kosten der Neukundenakquisition um 20 % senken und Ihren Unternehmenswert in 2024 steigern

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Carl Weische

Carl Weische

CRO-Experte und Mitgründer, ACCELERATED

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Scaling profitably to multiple 8-digit annual sales in the current market structure means that you master these 3 success factors…

1. Powerful data intelligence: In the current market situation, you win if you use your data better than your competitors. So it’s about making faster and better decisions, with the highest probability of success and a data-driven process.

2. RPU Maximization: As click prices and cost per new customer continue to rise, the performance of every single click on your website needs to be optimized. The RPU (Revenue per Click) must be maximized accordingly through high conversion rates and order values.

3. Optimization of the entire funnel: In order to remain competitive and secure market share, this year it is all about efficiency. You have to ensure that you attract as many interested parties as possible, convert them into paying customers and, in the long term, turn them into loyal fans who buy your products again and again and generate positive recommendations.

The “new model” for capital efficient growth in 2024 and beyond.