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Optimization in Marketing

Personalization in Action: Maximizing Impact with What You’ve Got

08 July 2024
Duration: 40 minutes (Approx.)

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Jay Lansdown

Jay Lansdown

Experimentation Lead

New Look

Jay spearheads a wide array of experimentation activities across multiple web applications, driving impactful results and continuously enhancing user experiences through innovative strategies. He currently heads experimentation at New Look.

About The Session

Embrace a fresh perspective on personalization—one that doesn’t rely on complex systems or advanced technology.

In this session, Jay reflects on his experience of running multiple personalization programs and guides you through the fundamentals that have aided him along the way. He shares his methodology for harnessing your existing user data to craft personalized experiences that genuinely resonate.

Discover straightforward strategies that yield significant returns, shedding the complexities of traditional methods. And the best part? Jay will demonstrate how to continuously tweak and perfect your approach over time, ensuring you’re always one step ahead.


Key Takeways

  • Begin by harnessing the resources you already possess.
  • Simplify processes to enhance efficiency and maximize returns.
  • Monitor progress through ongoing refinement and adjustment over time.