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VWO: Split Testing Tool

VWO is the world’s easiest Split Testing Tool for improving website conversion rate. Our performance testing tools have been used by 3700+ customers in setting up more than 300,000 testing and personalization campaigns viewed by over 1.5 billion visitors all over the world. VWO’s landing page testing and webpage testing services have been instrumental in many of our customers experiencing lower bounce rate, higher engagement and increase in signups and revenue.

Let us take a look at how VWO helps you easily create the two types of Split Tests: A/B Tests and Split URL Tests.

Creating A/B Test with VWO

A/B Testing is comparing two or more versions of a website page or a landing page to determine which version performs better. The one with the higher conversion rate is called the winning variation.

A Simple Graphical Demonstration of the A/B Testing Tool with Variation B “crowned” as the champion

Creating an A/B Test with VWO is extremely simple and only requires 4 easy steps.

1. Include VWO Tracking Code in your website

Including the code snippet enables VWO to run your tests.

A graphical demonstration showing VWO Tracking Code inserted before the closing head tag

2. Create variations by making changes in the Visual Campaign Builder

A visual demonstration of changes being made on the WYSIWYG Visual Campaign Builder

Load your website in the WYSIWYG Visual Campaign Builder and make changes at lightning speed using the point-and-click interface. You can even make advanced changes using HTML, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery.

3. Select Conversion Goals

Companies use their websites and webpages for a variety of conversion goals like increasing revenue, signups, clicking on a particular link etc. Read this post to understand the complete list of conversion goals you can track though VWO.

Examples of various conversion goals in VWO’s Split Testing Tool

4. Start and Track your test

That’s it! You’re ready to get started with your very first A/B Test. Our reporting is on real-time basis so you can start seeing reports as soon as visitors arrive on live test.

A sample report for an A/B Test “Special Offers for Mobile Visitors”

Creating Split URL Test with VWO

Split URL Testing is preferred over A/B Testing in case of large design changes. It is often used to send visitors to different versions of a landing page. In this type of testing, different URLs are created for different versions of the page. Traffic is distributed among the URLs.

A Simple Graphical Demonstration of Split URL Testing

The steps to creating a simple Split URL Test with VWO are as follows:

1. Create Variation URLs

Unlike an A/B Test, in a Split URL Test you host your own variation URLs. So, before starting the test, make sure that you have created these variation pages with different URLs.

2. Include VWO Tracking Code on all the URLs

Just like in A/B Testing, the VWO tracking code should be included on the pages on which test is supposed to run. The only thing to be noted here is that, the code should be present on all the variation URLs as well as the control URL. Thus, for example, if you have control URL “” and variation URL “”, you have to enter the VWO code separately in both of them.

The last 2 steps: ‘Select Conversion Goals’ and ‘Start and Track your test” are same as in A/B Test.

As you can see, running Split Tests through VWO is a matter of minutes. VWO has been specifically designed to help marketers and business owners set up and run tests with minimal IT help. VWO is the tool of choice when it comes to split testing and optimization for companies such as Hyundai, Microsoft, Lonely Planet, Cleartrip and many others.

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