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Why is click on a link not working correctly?

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There can be two scenarios for click on a link not working correctly.

  1. It doesn’t work at all and records n0 conversions.
  2. It records lesser than expected conversions.

The reasons it does not work at all are

  1. Please check that you have VWO code on the page on which the link is present and test is running on that page.
  2. Please check that the goal URL is correct and in case it is a URL, it is exactly equal to the href attribute of the anchor tag.
  3. Also check that no function which returns false is bound to the click event of that anchor tag. In case there is a function that returns false and is bound to the click event of anchor tag (<a>), clicks on such <a> tags  won’t be tracked by VWO. For example:

function abc(){
return false;


<a href=”#” onclick=”abc()”> SignUp</a>

As you can see the function is bound to the click event of the anchor tags(<a>), clicks on such elements won’t be tracked by VWO  as click on a link goals. In such situations user should use custom conversion goals.

Reasons why lesser than expected clicks are recorded

  1. In click on a link goals there is a common problem, as soon as someone clicks on a link,  the page gets redirected even before the conversion request can be completed. In such cases the only solution would be to use a custom conversion goal. (Here is a link on how to set up a custom conversion goal)
  2. In VWO all goals are unique goals and the same user can not trigger the same goal again and again. In case you wish to execute dummy conversions on your side, do not forget to clear your cookies each time.
  3. It is advisable and preferable to use visit to a page goal type in cases where you can add the VWO code snippet on the link page.