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What are different types of segment options available?

Posted in Geo-behavioral Targeting on

You can create different segments for different kinds of visitors and make sure the test only runs for visitors who fulfill that segmentation criteria. Various options are available:

  • Current URL: The current test page URL where test is running, includes query parameters too.
  • Referring URL: The referring URL from where the visitor has arrived on your test page.
  • Visitor Type: Returning or new.
  • Search keywords: Search keywords through which the visitor arrived on your website. Meant for both organic or paid search traffic. Works for all major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc.
  • Cookie value: Enter your cookie name as the parameter and cookie value as the condition.
  • Referral Type: Organic or direct or referral. (Note: in certain cases, paid traffic may be tracked as organic and if you want to exclude it, please use the Referrer segment option to exlude paid traffic)
  • Query Parameter: Value of the query parameter in the URL. Useful for campaign variables such as Here query parameter is _utm_campaign and value is brandNew.
  • Operating System: Operating System of the Visitor.
  • Mobile Device: Mobile Device of the Visitor.
  • Browser: Browser of the Visitor.
  • JavaScript Variable: Value of the Javascript variable. Set any variable on the page before Visual Website Optimizer code and use it here to segment.
  • User Agent: User Agent is a string which can be used to identify a users browser.
  • Day of Week: This option gives the day of the week.
  • Hour of the Day: This option gives the hour of the day during which a user wants to run a test. VWO will consider visitor’s local timezone and run the test according to his local time. Hour of the day equals 10 will run the test from 10:00 AM to 10:59 AM.
  • Location: This option allows you to target the visitors based on their location (country, city and region).

 If the referring URL contains one of the following we consider it as Organic traffic: