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How to create a Split URL Test?

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A Split URL Test is undertaken when you have a target page you want your visitors to come to with more than one path to that page, and you want to test which of those paths performs better in sending your visitors to the target page.

Suppose, you have and you create two landing pages for, both leading up to signup.php. The Split URL test distributes your visitors equally between those two landing pages and tells you which one performed better in sending visitors to the signup page.

To create a Split URL Test on VWO, follow the steps below:

1) On your Dashboard, click on “Split URL Test”  under the “Create Test” tab

2) Enter the URL you want to run the test on and click “Create Test”

3) Enter your URL variations. Variations are separate URLs of different versions of your test page. You send all traffic to your test page and Visual Website Optimizer splits traffic between these URLs in equal proportion

Before starting the test, you must create different versions of the test page yourself and upload it to your servers.
Example: If your test page is then your alternative versions could be:

Variation 1:
Variation 2:

Once done, click on “Add Goals”

4) Add your Goals on this page and click “Next”

5) Enter details in “About Test” section

 6) “Test Pages and Audience” is where you select which visitors are tracked and on what URLs. You can include and exclude pages in this section

7) To pinpoint your visitors, click on “Change” on the right hand side of “Target test to a Segment” and select your conditions

8) “Other Settings” allow you to choose if more than one domain will be involved in the test, integrate with your Google Analytics account, enable heatmaps, disable losing variations, show winning variations to all visitors and divide custom traffic between variations

9) Once done, hit “Create Your Test” and that’ll create the test

10) To make your test live on your site, you need to integrate a small code snippet within your site and then click on “Start Test” (you can also preview the variations here)

You can see the current status of your test in the “Reports” tab.

Please note that Cross Domain tracking uses third party cookies. To see why Visual Website Optimizer uses third party cookies, please see our blog post on cross domain tracking. To understand how this might affect you, please see our post titled “Regarding EU cookie law: understanding its implications“.