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How do I change my Timezone?

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You can edit your account Timezone by going to Main Account > Test Settings and then scrolling down to the section marked Locale Settings.

Visual Website Optimizer timezone setting

Timezone settings apply to the entire account and all tests within that account. Sub-accounts are not included in this and have their own Timezone settings. This is specially useful when an Agency’s clients are located in different timezones.

Here are a few points to keep in mind regarding timezone setting:

  • Visual Website Optimizer report data is saved with the time stamp, so the data will also be displayed according to the chosen timezone and without any conversions. Therefore, please avoid changing the timezone setting while your tests are running.
  • When you change your account timezone, old reports will appear in their original timezones. Timezone changes will not be applied to old data/reports.
  • Default timezone for all accounts is GMT.