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How can I track conversions on affiliate sites (third party conversions)?

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Q How can I track affiliate conversions on a 3rd party website?

In case you wish to track conversion taking place on a 3rd party website, you need to enable cross domain tracking inside VWO test settings. You will get the option of cross domain tracking in the View/Edit Test details tab. You will also be required to put the VWO code snippet on the conversion page.

Q. When should I enable Cross Domain tracking?

1.  If you have a visit to a page goal type or custom conversion goal on some other domain, you should enable cross domain tracking.

2. You do not require to enable cross domain just because you have sub-domains in your test.

3. You do not require to enable cross domain tracking if you have click on a link type goal and the link points to some other domain.

Please note that Cross Domain tracking uses third party cookies. To see why Visual Website Optimizer uses third party cookies, please see our blog post on cross domain tracking. To understand how this might affect you, please see our post titled “Regarding EU cookie law: understanding its implications“.