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Best practices in Visual Editor

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Move operation – Move operation on any element moves is relative to its current position in exact pixels you specify. – Imagine moving an element by a huge distance into some other section on the page. Now that section can be visible somewhere else Read rest of the article →

Website is not loading correctly in the editor

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Problem You opened your website in the Visual Editor but it is either not loading at all or loads incompletely with content/styling/layout broken. Solution We open your website in the Visual Editor using a proxy in case the Visual Website Optimizer Read rest of the article →

My preview screenshots are taking very long to load

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We have a group of servers where actual instances of your chosen browsers run and take screenshots of pages served to them. Due to this, sometimes your preview screenshots may take some time to generate. Please be patient. Your request is queued and your Read rest of the article →

Error message in Visual Editor when using Browse mode

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Problem I am using browse mode to add my product to cart and suddenly ERROR shows up in the editor. Solution The issue might occur when we load your website through a proxy and JavaScript is used for page redirection. To bypass the proxy altogether, Read rest of the article →

How to ideally run an A/B Split test?

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The answer to this question entirely depends on how much certainty you want in your tests. Statistically the more certainty you desire, the more you have to spend the time analyzing it; however there is never a point where we can say with 100% certainty Read rest of the article →

Will the test run on my subdomains?

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Yes, the test will run on all the subdomains. For Visual Website Optimizer, the only thing matters is your Root Domain. For example if you make a Split Test and your Control is and your Variation is then your test will Read rest of the article →