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A/B testing for Mobile enabled and responsive websites

Posted in A/B Testing on

Visual Website Optimizer allows you to create A/B and Multivariate tests for your mobile enabled, responsive websites along with advanced behavioral targeting, which gives you the ability to increase sales and conversions from visitors to your mobile Read rest of the article →

How to create a Conversions Tracking test

Posted in Conversion Tracking on

This test is used to understand what your visitors are doing after landing on a certain URL. For example, you set up a test on and set up the goals as below: Goal 1 triggers when a visitor visits Goal 2 triggers Read rest of the article →

How to create a Split URL Test?

Posted in Split URL Testing on

A Split URL Test is undertaken when you have a target page you want your visitors to come to with more than one path to that page, and you want to test which of those paths performs better in sending your visitors to the target page. Suppose, you have Read rest of the article →

How to create a basic multivariate test?

Posted in Multivariate Testing on

A multivariate test creation only differs from an A/B test in the way the variations are created inside the editor. In an A/B test you create completely different variations of the entire page whereas in a multivariate test, you only create variations Read rest of the article →

Landing Page Analyzer

Posted in Other Tools on

Landing Page Analyzer is tool by Visual Website Optimizer that helps you focus on what aspects you can improve on your landing page so that it performs even better. How does it work? You enter your landing page (or website) URL to get started. This Read rest of the article →

A/B Ideafox: case study search engine

Posted in Other Tools on

A/B Ideafox is a case-study search engine  that lets you get ideas for A/B, split and multivariate tests by reading case studies from a large number of sources. The tool lets you choose case studies from 2 broad categories: Challenge: What aspect Read rest of the article →