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Firing up your first A/B test

Posted in Introduction on

For the first A/B test, let’s get started with a Headline change. Headlines are interesting to test because they are the first communication new visitors see on your homepage to understand what you’re all about. Unfortunately, internet visitors judge Read rest of the article →

What is Visual Website Optimizer and how is it used?

Posted in Introduction on

Visual Website Optimizer is a tool to optimize and increase your online sales and conversions. Made for marketers, it is easy to use and does not require a technical or coding knowledge. It offers a variety of tools and techniques to help you in website Read rest of the article →

What is heatmap / clickmap?

Posted in Heatmap / Clickmap, Introduction on

Heatmaps let you visualize where your visitors are clicking on for different test variations. Heatmaps show you where your visitors are clicking and where they aren’t. Clickmaps, on the other hand, give you exact click statistics (that is, how many people Read rest of the article →

What is usability testing?

Posted in Introduction, Usability Testing on

Usability testing is a precursor to A/B testing where you actually seek qualitative feedback from users. You show them your website or landing page, and then ask them questions such as “Do you like the design of the page?”, “What is your understanding Read rest of the article →

What is geo-behavioral targeting?

Posted in Geo-behavioral Targeting, Introduction on

Geo-behavioral targeting allows you to specify different segments of visitors and show particular content and offers to them. Contrast this from A/B testing where visitors see one of the two version randomly. In targeting, you specify what kind of visitors Read rest of the article →

What is split URL testing?

Posted in Introduction, Split URL Testing on

Split URL testing is similar to A/B testing, the only difference in Visual Website Optimizer between the two is that in A/B testing variations of the page are created using our visual designer. This does not require you to know HTML, or create different Read rest of the article →

What is multivariate testing?

Posted in Introduction, Multivariate Testing on

In Multivariate Testing you select different elements on your website or landing page (such as headlines, images, buttons, etc). Different versions of selected elements are created and combined. Then you split your traffic amongst those combinations to Read rest of the article →