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How to automatically stop a test after tracking a specific number of visitors

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You can pause a test after a specific number of visitors have been tracked. You do this by going to your test settings, scrolling down to the “Other Settings” area, enable “Test Running Schedule”, click on “Run till X visitors” and enter a number. To see how to setup tests to run at a future date and time, please see our knowledgebase article titled “How to schedule tests and campaigns for the future”.

Pause test after X visitors

Scheduling test to pause after tracking x number of visitors

  • Select “Run till X visitors” option and enter the total number of visitors that you want to track for this test.
  • A single test can have only one active “Run till X visitors” condition.
  • When entering the total number of visitors for the test, please ensure that this number is greater than the current number of visitors tracked by the test.
  • Once a test is paused on reaching x num of visitors by scheduler, no other schedules will work i.e all the pending schedules for the test will be discarded. “Run till X visitors” has the highest priority.