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Landing Page Analyzer

How effective is your landing page?

In a nutshell

Great Landing Page = Relevance * Motivation * Calls to Action * (1/Distractions) * (1/Hesitation)

This tool will help you focus on what aspects you can improve your landing page so that it performs even better!

Landing Page Analyzer is brought to you by Visual Website Optimizer, world's easiest A/B split and multivariate testing tool.

What makes a great landing page?

A landing page exists for only one purpose: convert visitors into customers. This tool gauges the effectiveness of a landing page on following parameters which we think are important:

  • Relevance: what visitor expects from the landing page

  • Motivation: how motivated is the visitor for completing the conversion goal. It is influenced by a lot of factors:
    • Intent: is the visitor actively looking for the what landing page offers?
    • Details: is the offer sufficiently detailed?
    • Offer: how lucrative is the offer
  • Call to Action: what is a visitor supposed to do on the webpage? Is call to action noticeable?
  • Distractions: how many distractions are there for a visitor to leave
  • Hesitation: how hesitated is the visitor to complete the conversion goal

How does it work?

  • Enter your landing page (or website) URL to get started.
  • This tool will assess your landing page on industry's best practices for landing page optimization.
  • This is a self assessment tool with 21 Yes/No questions on different aspects of your landing page.
  • At the end, you will get a set of detailed recommendations for improving your landing page.

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