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Will VWO Negatively Impact My SEO Ranking?

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No, use of VWO does not have negative impact on your website ranking. In the case of A/B and Multivariate tests, the control and variations run on the same URL, and VWO makes changes on the fly. So any scope for content duplication, which otherwise affects SEO ranking, is nullified. Even though Google crawlers support JavaScript, these do not affect A/B testing.

However, SEO issues may crop up when you are running a Split URL test. To avoid the issue, use query parameter rel=”canonical” in the variation URL to avoid duplicating content. For example, in your Split URL test, there are two pages (say, and When visitors land on, half of them are redirected to that contains some duplicate content on it.

In such a scenario where you don’t want B.php to affect your SEO, avoid content duplication. To do so, add the following code to B.php, that is, the noncanonical page:


<link rel="canonical" href=""/>


While Google will index both the pages, by adding the above code, you are telling Google to use only for SEO purposes. Here’s the Google link on using canonical URLs

The following are best practices for creating and running tests on your website. You can refer to the original article from Google here.

  • Don’t cloak your test pages
  • Use rel=”canonical” links
  • Use 302 redirects, not 301 redirects
  • Run the experiment only as long as necessary

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