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What Is Smart Decision?

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Smart Decision is recommended when there is no clear winner after a test is run.


VWO suggests Smart Decision when the absolute potential loss associated with deploying the leading variation is less than the threshold of caring. The “threshold of caring” depends on the prior values entered while creating the primary goal. When the potential loss of deploying a variation is small enough to be within your comfort threshold, SmartStats recommends that it’s a Smart Decision to deploy this variation.

By deploying Smart Decision, you will most likely not lose anything and in the best case scenario, you might even gain something out of it.

For example, if the conversion rate for Control lies in the 10–20% range and the conversion rate for variation 1 lies in the range 20.19–27% range, variation 1 is declared Smart Decision because the difference in the upper limit of Control and the lower limit of the variation is less than 1%.

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