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What Is Multivariate Testing

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Multivariate Testing (MVT) is a method wherein you make changes to multiple sections on a webpage and create variations for all the possible combinations that result from those changes.

For example, you might want to test two versions each of a heading and of an image on a webpage. Using MVT, you create one variation for the heading and one for the image. To test all the versions now, create a combination of all the variations (2 X 2 = 4), as shown here:

  • Version 1: Heading 1 + Image A
  • Version 2: Heading 2 + Image A
  • Version 3: Heading 1 + Image B
  • Version 4: Heading 2 + Image Bmvt-1

After you run a Multivariate test on all combinations, you know which combination impacts the conversion rate of the page the most.

Why Multivariate Tests

Let’s compare Multivariate testing with A/B testing to understand when you should choose Multivariate over A/B.

While A/B testing, when you are making multiple changes on a web page, you are measuring their impact on the conversion rate. If you want to track the individual impact of each change, create one A/B test for the modified headline and one for the modified image.

In contrast, in a Multivariate test, within a single test, you test out all the combinations that result out of the changes you have made. The objective of a Multivariate test is to help you figure out which element in a web page makes the most impact on the conversion rate of the page. MVT is more complicated than A/B testing and is best suited for advanced marketing professionals.


  • Running a Multivariate test is useful only when the website receives high traffic.
  • A Multivariate test is suggested when you have a hypothesis with multiple ways to implement a variation, but you are unable to decide which combination should be tested.

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