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What Is Form Analysis?

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Form Analysis helps you evaluate your website forms to identify issues or usability problems that might be stopping your visitors from successfully converting and making a form submit. The problems uncovered could range from length of a form, confusing fields, no auto-fill feature, missing defaults, complicated interface to virtually anything.


Form analysis captures visitor’s interaction with every field on the form and build powerful visualizations that can help you generate insights to improve the form.

Why Do You Need Form Analysis?

Traditional analytics tools provide you with data on how your forms are performing by measuring their conversion rate or form submits. But to answer the question on how to optimize the form, you would need to understand why visitors are not submitting the form.  This is a question that can be answered only by taking a deep dive into the behavior of visitors while filling the individual form fields and understanding what is the root cause of their hesitations or distractions.

VWO’s form analysis gives you this exact capability to look much beyond the high level metric of conversion rate on a form and drill down to field level analysis. Form analysis helps you track your visitor interaction with the form fields on six different dimensions. to know how to track a form on your website. click here.

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