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What are Goals?

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Goals are defined as actions that visitors may perform on the website, such as clicking a link, element, submitting a form, visiting a specific page, and so on. These visitor actions generate value for the website owner in terms of revenue, user signups, lead generations, and so on. You can measure the health of the website by measuring the health of your goals.

Each visitor on your website has some specific purpose, be it gathering information, checking out pricing, subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing, submitting their contact details to get further information, or something similar. Each action a visitor performs on the website constitutes a goal  that you can track  and identify ways to improve your conversions.

To track goals on your website, define a baseline performance for the goals before any optimization efforts. This gives you a starting point to compare the subsequent performances, especially once optimization campaigns are run.


For Example You want to track how many visitor fill-up the online signup form on a page in your website and successfully ‘submit’ the form. Using VWO, you can track how many visitors land on the page containing the form, and how many people actually fill-up the form and click the Submit button. If you notice a huge drop-off in the percentage, you may want to think about modifying the fields in the form and see if the signup percentage improves.

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