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Troubleshooting: VWO Declared a Winning Variation Initially, but the Results Became Even at the End

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Problem Statement

I got a winner during the early stages of the test I’m running, but now the results seem to have neutralised at the end, there isn’t a clear winner. Why is that?

Resolution Steps

VWO starts collecting data for a test as soon as you start running the test. There are high chances that one variation will record a higher conversion rate than other variations initially. However, you must keep in mind that the initial data is based on the actions of a few visitors and does not represent the true behavior of your website traffic. Even your most regular visitors may behave differently on the website when they notice something new on the page. In other words, you may not have tested enough traffic to derive a conclusive report.

The following are some ways you can avoid misinterpreting VWO reports:

  • Use our test duration calculator to determine how long you should run your test.
  • Run the test at least for a week even if the test results show 99% significant results.
  • If you notice huge differences, view day-wise report instead of cumulative report to analyze the data effectively.
  • To be completely sure, wait for the test to achieve 99% significance.

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