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Browser Specifications for the VWO App

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VWO app works on most current browsers, such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. For creating tests and viewing reports, you can use any browser that supports CSS3 selectors. Note that the VWO app is not supported on mobile devices to view and create tests.

For optimal user experience, we recommend setting your screen width to a minimum of 1280 pixels. In cases where the window size is less than the recommended aspect, some features may overflow or stretch out of the frame. You can use the following browsers to access and use the VWO app on your desktop computer:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari 7+
  • Microsoft Edge

Using the VWO Plug-In

You can download the VWO Chrome plug-in for free from the Chrome Web Store. You can use the plug-in to download heatmaps and scrollmaps, add observations, and perform other tasks conveniently.

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