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Visitors Not Being Tracked Properly by VWO

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Problem Statement

I am having issues with how VWO is tracking visitors on my website. They are either not being tracked at all, or there is a considerable discrepancy in the visitor count between VWO and the other analytics tools I use.

Resolution Steps

For no visitors being tracked

  • Check if VWO smart code is installed on the URL.
  • Check if the visitors are landing on the exact URL that is specified in the “Included URLs”. If there is some internal redirection of the URL at your end, then you need to specify the final URL on which the visitors land.
  • VWO differentiates the URLs on the basis of http and https. If you have specified only the http version of the URL in the included URLs, it will not track visits for the https version and vice versa. For example, if the website URL is and it’s accessible through https as well, then you must specify the pattern of URLs as http*://
  • Check if the segmentation condition (if any) applied is correct.

For discrepancy in visitor count between VWO and any other analytics tool

    • Comparing reports data between VWO and GA (or other Analytics tool): Please ensure that you are tracking only unique visitors (and not repeat visitors) across all the tools. VWO places a cookie to identify visitors who have become part of the test during their first visit, and the cookie remains active for 100 days. Visitors who come back to the test page within 100 days are not considered unique visitors in VWO and are not tracked again. Please click here to learn more about how data could differ between VWO and GA.
    • If you are using Asynchronous (async) version of VWO smart code: Try increasing the timeout value in settings_tolerance and library_tolerance parameters of the VWO code. By default, the timeout values for the two parameters are 2000 and 2500 milliseconds, respectively. If the visitors tracked are less than expected, you can increase the timeout values to 4000 milliseconds each to include users with slow internet connections.
  • For a VWO split URL test, make sure to enable cross-domain tracking option if .the control and variation are on different domains. Click here to know how to enable cross-domain tracking.
  • VWO does not track visitors who have disabled JavaScript in their browser settings.
  • VWO does not track visitors who have disabled cookies in their browser settings.
  • Make sure that the URLs (or URL patterns) of the web pages where you want to track visitors are exactly the same in both VWO and GA (or any other Analytics tool).
  • Please make sure that the Analytics tool you use is tracking only unique visitors. The definition of unique visitors in the Analytics tool you use could differ from that of VWO.
  • If 100% traffic is not included in VWO test, or some segmentation conditions are applied, then there can be a discrepancy in data while comparing.

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